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Our Showcase

Filthy Friday hosts a biannual showcase, in the months of October and February. 


Our first Filthy Friday Showcase was held in 2017 at Poletastic Dance Studio in Manchester. After a successful debut with just 10 spectacular performers, we put together a Valentines Special, February 2018 and here we are with lots more planned for the future. 

Our showcase is the perfect place for dancers to come and show off their unique Exotic pole style, in a fun, safe space. Our showcase is ideal for dancers looking to gain performance experience in a non competitive environment, it's also great for post comp-season wind downs. We support the 'Freestyle!' 

Our Filthy Friday Showcase attracts a variety of performers, from beginner to advanced, first-timers to Professional. It's a great opportunity for us Filth-lovers to get together and really F**K IT UP!

Each performer is cheered on by a hugely supportive audience (and showered with HOLLA DOLLARS)! 

The following day we host an afternoon of workshops,

usually led by the Urban Exotique Queen herself, Miss Lauren Elise. In true Filthy Friday Style our workshops explore the different styles of Exotic poledance, you get to learn the tricks of the trade first-hand. Workshops are highly recommended especially for those attending the showcase as it's the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions and learn some of the filth witnessed the night before. 

Our previous workshops: 

What is Filthy Friday? 

Filthy Friday started as a simple instagram hashtag over three years ago by Plus poler, Beanie (Sabrina). The idea for tag was to create a safe, supportive online space for other poledancers in the pole community who were inspired by Exotic dance. Beanie wanted to address the fact that not all poledancers look the same and sexy should be based on a feeling, rather than a particular look. 

After the first Instagram pole challenge the tags #FILTHYFRIDAY and #PDFILTHYFRIDAY  were being used by polers worldwide, a way in which they expressed their own take on sexy through the art of Exotic movement. Dancers from all backgrounds in a variety of sexy, beautiful shapes and sizes, cultures, skin tones, genders, and ages had begun to use the tags every Friday and as time went on Filthy Friday became a movement.


The Filthy Friday hasghag also explores and aims to highlight the many different styles of Exotic Poledance, for example, Stripper Style, Russian Exotic and Classique. 



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